The Disaster Risk Reduction Conference

October 12-13, 2017, Warsaw, Poland

1st Day

WORKSHOP: Underlying Causes within Disaster Risk Management

Dr. Jorge Diaz

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Mexico)


Course Presenter

Dr. Jorge Diaz is an international consultant in both developing and developed countries: Peru, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa, United Kingdom and Poland, on the following topics; Climate Change, Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience, Involuntary Re-Settlement, Urban Planning and Sustainable Transport Management

He obtained his BA Architecture in Peru, and his MSc. and Ph.D. degrees in Urban Planning in Mexico, his experience combines research and practice and has been nurtured by self-experiences, before, during and after natural hazards, as the recently earthquake and tsunami in Chile (2010).

Dr Diaz has received research fellowships in Mexico (2004-2006), the Faculty Research Program in Canada (2007), the National Committee for Scientific and Technological Research in Chile (2009-2013) the Fellow Mundus-European Union in Poland (2017) and is currently a referee for research project assessment with the National Committee of Science and Technology in Mexico (CONACYT), the Wessex Institute of Technology in United Kingdom (WIT), and Gravitazz International-Africa amongst the main organizations.

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